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GlobalRO is now Online! please report any error/bugs ingame thanks. Players @command @refresh @rates @request @whereis @noks @commands @time @autotrade @hominfo @mobinfo @iteminfo @whodrops @guildstorage / VIP @autoloot @autotrade @showzeny @breakguild HAPPY LEVELING!

GlobalRO RMM Program

GlobalRO introduce RMM program where you can earn real cash while playing, our main goal is to provide earning for all the Ragnarok Players by mining coins and coverted it to real cash! this pandemic time lot's of people lost thier jobs, and this is our way to help our co players who got effected by COVID19 crisist, so what are you waiting for? register your account and start earning! Grand Opeining is on August 3, 2021 gate will be open @ 6:00pm GMT+8

first edition woe
Castle: Himin Friday 02pm to 4pm
Castle: Himin Friday 08pm to 10pm
second edition woe
Castle: Himin Saturday 02pm to 4pm
Castle: Himin Saturday 08pm to 10pm
Priest 79
Priest 79
Priest 78
Priest 78
Priest 77